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he will have u drive forever to meet him and he not even be there



No message marked unsafe



I just got a call from this #. When I try to call it back there's a recording that says "Hello, and thank you for calling. If you'd like to be placed on a "Do Not Call" list for the number that called you, please press 1 now"...sounds like a SCAM!!! They're probably trying to see if this is an active number.



I have research for free phone lookup and I found out that this phone number is belong to someone name tina schoubroek



Received three calls. Picked up on the third call. A woman who wouldn't listen to me claimed that I called her and had done so repeatedly. Angrily told me to stop calling her.

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Several ways to stop unwanted calls:

Sumbit phone number to Do Not Call Registry

This registry contains telephone numbers and the owners of those numbers that refuse to receive unsolicited calls from telemarketers. You can register your telephone number online at: for United States and at: for Canada.

Get a call blocking application for your cell phone

You can block unknown calls using one of many call blocking apps on Android or IOS. Those apps can block all incoming calls from hidden numbers and also you can put any phone number on the block list. Any calls from such number will never go trough.